Relactation – Week 4

Lifestyle / Monday, May 11th, 2015

Relactation Week 4

This will be my final relactation update for my journey. I can’t believe it has already been a month, and only been a month. Considering earlier this week I was basically done and had quit, and 7 days later he runs to me and asks for a breast several times a day. It doesn’t take much, I am sure it may take longer with other children. I was lucky, as Gregory already knew how to BF and it hadn’t been that long since we last did. My relactation journey has been successful, and I am so proud of myself.

Monday:  I managed to pump twice in the morning, and we were busy in the afternoon. I neglected to make the time to pump anymore today.

Tuesday: I didn’t pump today. I am thinking of stopping. Considering the energy, effort and time put in, how much more time I will need to take away from my family to pump. I have been so strong and come so far. I don’t deny it. But I miss just being with my family. I haven’t told anyone.
Wednesday: I admitted to Adrien I don’t think I should continue relactating. It has been really difficult to pump as I have, and I want to spend more time with Gregory right now. Even if relactating means we get more quality time later. Le Sigh. Such a dilemma. As Gregory and I snuggled in bed to sleep he did try and nurse, for much longer thain normal. And I felt bad, because I hadn’t pumped in basically two days. I let him down. He is obviously looking forward to it. I have a renewed passion for this. I CAN do this. I WILL do this, for Gregory.
Thursday: A lot of latches from Gregory today. I didn’t pump, even though I said I was reassured I wanted to do this still. Maybe Gregory knows, and is doing his part now, but I felt that he had latched enough for today. I think I jumped into it too fast before. I went so consistent and frequent right from the get go. I need to build into it.
Friday: Lots of latching on with Gregory, no pump, but maybe there is no need. Gregory seems to have taken a keen interest in breastfeeding suddenly. I doubt he gets milk, maybe he does, I have no idea. I can manually express a few drops, so maybe he gets a slight taste. This is good though, natural stimulation is the preferred of the 3 methods of lactation.Saturday: Gregory had a slightly rough night. He went from his bed to ours to his several times. By 5 am he was soundly sleeping between Adrien and me. All the up and down made for a long night for myself, but it also made for a lot of opportunity for breastfeeding. Every time Gregory realized I was with him or he was struggling in his sleep, he would reach out to nurse. The more stimulation the better. Although, I hope this isn’t going to backtrack any sleep progress. He was just sleeping through the night this last week and a bit.

Sunday: A good morning breastfeeding session, and Gregory came running to me close to bedtime for a very nice snuggle and boob on the couch. It was very nice, and in that moment I relished the feeling I hadn’t felt in so long. My baby in my arms, lovingly staring up at me, I think we are almost there. Relactation may never provide a full supply, but it’s the comfort nursing that our children can also benefit from. And I think Gregory gets that now. At least, I hope he is.

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