Review – Alva Baby Cloth Diapers

Lifestyle / Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

So as you know, I am sure, I had ordered cloth diapers and was so excited for them. They never came. So I ordered again from another company, Alva Baby and here is my first impression with this product and brand.

Company: the employees were very helpful. My order had not come in and it had been a few weeks, upon contact I was given a tracking number. After some confusion, it was the postal service who had failed me. And Alva Baby was helpful in trying to figure out what went wrong 100% of the way. Which I very much appreciated. Great customer service!

The diapers, look amazing. I only got the solid colours, just as I wasn’t sure I would love them and had to re-sell. The colours are very vibrant and are very appealing. The fabric that is against Gregory’s skin is very soft and the snaps are seemingly strong and work wonderfully.

First uses: within hours, his oncoming diaper rash disappeared. After the initial ‘this takes longer to put on’ scream during his change, Gregory even seems more comfortable and enjoys them. After 2 days of use, we have had no leaks, blowouts or problems of any kind.

Gregory can now go a full night with no change and when he wakes there is no major fuss when changing or cleaning him up. During the days he will give a little whimper and let me know when he needs to be changed, which is nice that he communicates with me.

Cleaning, very easy. I don’t put water in my wet bag, just the diapers. I toss them in the washer for a cold rinse, then hot water with a smidgen of detergent. After washed, in the dryer on high heat (as they said on their website) and there were no poop stains, bad smells or anything off putting. During the sunnier days I plan on drying them on a line, which will bleach out any stains we will manage to accumulate I am sure.


First impression, I absolutely love these diapers. I would recommend to anyone! Plus Alva Baby cloth diapers are very affordable All-in-one diapers. I got 20 diapers for $100 after shipping duties and taxes. Unheard of. I am very happy with the colours I chose, and will be buying more, this time with funky patterns. I have my eye on a few.