Sensory Play – Colourful Yogurt

Lifestyle / Thursday, April 9th, 2015

The other day while making dinner I realized that Gregory wasn’t very interested in the process and being involved, but he wanted my attention and be with the action. Set up in his highchair, I quickly tried to think to of a solution and remembered this blog post I read and thought I could totally modify it for today to keep Gregory occupied. It’s coloured yogurt sensory play where baby can make some artwork!


Very easy set up. I plopped a few spoonfuls of yogurt directly onto his tray, added a drop or two of colour, and let Gregory go at it. This is a great activity on so many levels. And best of all, it is safe to eat.
This was a fun activity that we will definitely be trying again, and hopefully next time we can prepare a picnic table cover outside and get really messy. Now that would be toadally rad!