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Lifestyle / Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Sensory Play Time

You know that I’m a big fan of going outside during the summer and enjoying nature via Hiking and Exploring our beautiful British Columbia. And I’m also a fan of staying home and doing water table sensory plays outside. But the weather isn’t always prime, and it isn’t (wasn’t) technically summer. We’re on the last days of Spring as I write this and the weather is reminding us that Spring brings rain.

This rain doesn’t prevent the need of a play activity. It’s playtime and I wanted to share our play activity on this rainy day. It was so quick and easy to set up, it’s literally two ingredients, one being water, AND it’s going to be perfect for those random rainy days this summer when we don’t want to venture into the world. #IntrovertsForTheWin

Check out this easy peasy sensory play activity you can do with your Little.

Sensory Play Research

I’m a big fan of natural play materials. I know it may not seem like it. Especially when I said ‘I’m in for the quick and cheap version… no time for research.’ Well, low and behold, I made time for research. At one of my favourite places, the library.

The library has so many things to offer, and I took advantage of their parenting/ things to do with your kids book section. Yeah, that’s right, I read a book to get an idea that I could have found on Pinterest. I’m old fashioned like that. *moans as I stretch out my limited edition ’92 upper extremities* Not many of us around that read the books for research anymore.

All jokes aside, the library is a great resource to find play ideas for you and your Littles. I merely snapped two photos from a book I managed to glance at while Gregory was distracted. These two photos managed to tell me what I needed and how to do this easy Flax Seed sensory play activity.

Flax Seed Sensory Play

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Flax Seeds


flax seed sensory play bin is an easy activity for you to prepare for you Little to explore. Read all about it here.


  1. Pour 1 cup of flax seeds into a bowl.
  2. Pour 3 cups of water into bowl with flax seeds.
  3. Repeat until satisfied with amount in bowl and stir seeds to help start the soak.
  4. Place in fridge for at least 12 hours
  5. Take out, play.


6. Strain out seeds and play with just the goo. It’s a different texture that is easily dyed by food colouring for cool effect.

This is a good second day play activity. When you no longer want to play with the seeds, have an extra day with the goo if it has kept well.

Every toddler loves to get their hands messy... at least some of the time. Let them explore this easy to prepare flax seed sensory bin.

It didn’t take too much to prepare, mostly the challenge was remember to get off my butt and do it. I mean, pour one cup seeds, three cups water, repeat. I’m no chemist, but that seems like one of the simpler concoctions one is able to make in life.

ourRADhouse Experience

As I said, we did this on a really ugly day outside. I would rather have been able to do this whole activity outside to prevent a huge mess, but settled for placing a few black garbage bags under the play area to catch any seeds that try to escape the bin..

NOTE TO SELF: Keep more dollar store plastic picnic/party table cloths around the house for messy indoor play activities instead of wasting a garbage bag.

I had a morning of running errands and dragging a very patient Bean along. I wanted to surprise him when he woke from his (late) nap with this activity in hopes to making the day more fun for him. He deserved some fun after being such a champ for me.

Check out these photos and #ourRADhouse vlog of this awesome sensory activity. If the simplicity of the prep hasn’t convinced you to try this sensory play out, watching it in action should definitely convince you.

Check out this Flax Seed Sensory play bin for toddlers. Throw in a few toys and it's an afternoon of fun!

Let your Little explore this flax seed sensory bin with all their limbs and watch their face light up like this Little boys did. So cute!

Flax Seed Sensory Purchasing Learnings

I bought my bag of flax seeds from wal-mart and used only half the bag for a huge bin full. I’ve still got another play day worth, or maybe I’ll find some flax seed recipes and cook them… no, sensory play is a much more satisfying use I think.

In the Autumn/Winter when I need to stock up again, I won’t use so much of the bag per play session. I think I made 3 cups of seeds, and 9 cups of water. Scaling back one cup of seeds will extend the bag, my dollar, and will still be plenty of fun to play at each session.

Toys are Fun Too

Don’t forget to grab some little plastic toys to play with in this flax seed sensory bin too. Gregory and I grabbed all the centipedes, snakes and other crawlers to play with. It didn’t last too long with us because he enjoyed the texture on his feet much more. But don’t be afraid to branch out and try a variety of easy to clean toys.

Summer Cool Down

As you might have heard me state in the #ourRADhouse vlog, the flax seeds were cold. Ours were cold because I had them in the fridge for about 14 hours and took them out 30 minutes prior to playing.

This was shocking, although it shouldn’t have been. It got me to thinking, this is going to be perfect for those HOT summer days too. Perfect to cool down mine & your Little on a sweltering day.

Pro Tip: I believe I’ve said it before, but if you submerge your forearms in cold water, you can cool your overall body temperature quickly by way of your bloodstream. This is an excellent firefighter tip we can use during those heat waves, and we can use this flax seed mix as our ‘cold water’. With an extra bit of fun.

flax seed sensory play bin is an easy activity for you to prepare for you Little to explore. Read all about it here.

Before You Go

Let me know what you thought of this flax seed sensory play activity, and if you’re about to write flax seeds on your grocery list now. I had my bag sitting in my cupboard for 2.5 weeks before I used it. Thankfully it keeps, and I was constantly reminded every time I opened the cupboard that I can do a simple and fun activity with my child.

Seeing the bag, literally, every time I opened the cupboard to get food (we have one food cupboard in the house) I was lightly reminded of the activity I had planned to do and would think of when I could put them in the fridge next.

A good tip if you procrastinate like me. I’m not proud of my bad habits, but I find easy ways to overcome them without having someone nag me and make me angry. Maybe someone will find that tidbit useful.

Don’t forget to check out this fun balloon sensory play activity. Just grab a balloon pack the next time you’re at the dollar store. Or have you tried making this rainbow spagetti sensory play? It’s a big hit, and edible.

Check back soon for more sensory play activities, and link to your blog in the comments if your write a post about your flax seed sensory play with your Littles. I want to see their smiling faces, and your creative ways to play and have fun with the same activity. Great minds think alike, and differently.

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