Sensory Play – Newspaper

Lifestyle / Monday, April 27th, 2015


My Library is Resourceful

I love the library. Books, movies, internet, information… what’s not to love? Our little family went for a stroll last weekend and stopped in the library to grab a movie for Adrien. On the way out I noticed the newspaper was available. I’ve said it before, I’m all for price matching, but we don’t get the newspaper in the condo. I’m not motivated enough to hunt one down. But now I know it’s available just down the street, a free newspaper every day, and I planed on doing more than just reading it.


Newspaper Sensory Play

Children love paper. The feel of it, the sound, how easily it can be destroyed, when wet it changes consistency, you can scrunch it up, etc. It’s the┬ábest toy option Gregory has ever had, and always the first thing he reaches for if it’s at his level. The newspaper is free, and after I am done with it, it goes into the recycle. So why not let baby play and explore paper before it hits the trash?

TIP: To prevent newpaper ink from bleeding onto your hands, iron the newspaper first.