Sensory Play – Rainbow Noodles

Lifestyle / Sunday, April 5th, 2015

We’re celebrating National Find a Rainbow Day! Tomorrow is going to be a relaxed day… I have a scheduled post, no mini celebrations. Just a low key day before Easter Sunday. Sometimes its when we slow down is when life is best. But today was a great day and I wouldn’t have done anything else! Here’s how our day turned out.

Today was a cloudy day, and no rainbows in sight. So I decided we could make our own and play with it. I read this post here over on Growing A Jeweled Rose and thought this would be great for Gregory! Making the noodles was very easy. I cooked spaghetti noodles, drained and rinsed under cold water until they were cool. Next I split the noodles into small bowls and coated them lightly in vegetable oil. Add drops of food colouring  and mix until the colours in each bowl that suited my needs. Let stand for at least 10 minutes so the dye can set. Play!

You can use other oil instead of Veg, it was the only one I have right now. This is so the noodles don’t stick together, but if you want to go coconut or olive, be my guest. Use a new bowl for each noodle colouring process so you don’t transfer colours, and I recommend laying down a plastic sheet because this will get messy. I stripped Gregory down to his diaper and let him go. Afterwards we played in the bath to wash off all the residue. Very easy clean up if you don’t mind tossing the whole plastic sheet. That’s what Adrien opted for.






I stopped taking pictures after about 3 minutes of Gregory playing because I wanted to play with him. It was so much fun, and we’ll have to do this again sometime. His diaper has a bunch of food colouring on it that I hope comes out in the wash, but if not, oh well. This was so worth the stains. I’m thinking it will be pretty rad to rainbow dye rice and find buried treasure in it when Gregory is older, I am sure the process is similar in some ways.

That’s what we did to celebrate National Find a Rainbow Day, did you happen to do anything special or spot a rainbow?