Sneezing when Pregnant

Lifestyle / Thursday, October 17th, 2013

ACHOO! Tis the season for colds and sneezes. I am well aware that if I happen to sneeze a million times in one day, by the evening my voice will be leaving and the next day will consist of me laying in bed surrounded by kleenex. I haven’t gotten sick yet this season, and I always get sick when the season changes. I am hoping I might be able to pass by this year without sickness, or at least have some mild cold instead of a ‘I feel like a bus ran over me’ sickness. Can’t take anything for being sick while pregnant. Thankfully I’m pregnant during the winter… the season where no one ever gets sick.

Sarcasm aside, I have had a sneezefest, it didn’t leave me too out of it. But I noticed something during my full

day of sneeze attacks. It hurts to sneeze. When a regular person sneezes you contract your abs, fold in half and some people make a huge noise that sounds like a dog bark. When pregnant, your body first aims to protect the baby inside of you. Which is great, I don’t want anything to happen to Bean, but maybe it isn’t so great when I sneeze like 7 times in a row all day. Then it’s just painful.

When sneezing while pregnant your body doesn’t want to contract your ab muscles. Instead it almost feels like they are exploding. Like your belly button is going to give way and your body is going to release your organs through it. Or like your stomach is going to fall out of your butt. Nice picture you have in your head, don’t you? Your welcome.

It really hurts, and I truly hope I don’t have another day of sneezing. It is not fun, it hurts my belly, and I’m sure Bean doesn’t care to be jostled so much. Anyone else experience this sort of pain?