Recipes – Apple and Pepper Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches I’m a big fan of a good grilled cheese sandwich. Whenever I think of one I am immediately brought back to my childhood where my mom made cheesey kraft grilled cheese with tomato soup… If I was lucky it’s be tomato with rice soup. Mmmmm. Gregory, my toddler, isn’t a fan of […]

September 26, 2016

Recipe – Strawberry Almond Spinach Salad


Strawberry Almond Spinach Salad If you haven’t already heard, I’ve got some delicious tasting spinach salad recipes that use poppy seed salad dressing. Today I want to share with you my Strawberry Almond Spinach Salad because, hello, strawberries! I love strawberries, in fact, I have made myself a little strawberry patch in my garden that I cannot […]

April 22, 2016