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Lifestyle / Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Potty Training

We are Potty Training in our RAD house. It’s an exciting time and Gregory is doing so great. What a champ, my little boy is growing up so fast. It’s always bittersweet. I’m happy for him and proud of him, but need him to stop friggin growing and stay this small and precious forever. I love him and need more time! Haha

With potty training comes the dread of going out in public and risking accidents. Plus you’ve got to tote around extra clothes, undies, a potty seat and maybe even a toy, treat or book for entertainment and celebration for success. Well, I’ve come to your rescue. I’ve got the perfect solution to tote around all this stuff in the most adorable way that empowers your Little. Introducing THE POTTY PACK.

Introducing the potty pack. the perfect mode to transport all your toddler's potty training needs!


What is the Potty Pack?

Only my most favourite thing I’ve ever come up with. Well, I doubt I’m the original inventor of this idea, but no one really told me about it. I thought of it on my own without influence. So, in our house, I came up with this and I want to share it cause it’s genius.

The Potty Pack

The potty pack is a backpack or bag that your Little totes around with them everywhere they go when outside the house. It contains all the essentials for their potty training needs. Very clearly, this is a potty pack. I’m great at making creative names. Hold the applause, please.

There are so many benefits of this contraption and I’m sure there are a few more than what I am going to list, but these are my top reasons why I love this potty pack idea.

Here you can see Gregory enjoying his potty pack as he is on an adventure in public with his mom while he is potty training

Potty Pack Benefits

  1. Easy To Transport. For a few days I was always fumbling around with plastic garbage bags and bulky backpacks in bathroom stalls and as we walked around in public. It wasn’t that big of a deal, if you don’t mind the extra, albeit minor, inconvenience. I wanted to get rid of the diaper bag, not start carrying more stuff. Having a potty pack in a cute portable bag backpack allows for easy and discreet transportation of all the potty essentials.
  2. It’s All About Your Little. The whole point of this little backpack or bag is that your child carries it around. It is their responsibility and their little secret compartment from the rest of the world to carry. Kids like this kind of thing. Trust me. This bag is theirs to carry, although I recommend reminding your Little to not forget the potty pack when they stop and get distracted.
  3. It’s a Potty Training Activity. Getting the bag that Gregory adored was the first step. It was his bag. Then we went to the store and bought the necessary items to fill it, together. With Him taking the lead filling it up. It was a whole activity that centered around potty training that made my 2 year old excited to use the potty. In public. It’s a really great activity centered around this new skill they are trying to learn, I recommend this potty pack just for this reason alone!
  4. It’s Easy To Refill. Having a designated little bag that treks in and out of our house every time we close the front door to go on an excursion allows for the opportunity for Gregory to open up the bag and inspect its contents regularly. He knows what’s missing, what he needs, and I can easily see what needs replacing. It’s easy to refill when supplies run low.
  5. Get Out the Door Quickly. With the potty pack always being checked and filled with potty training needs, we are always ready to head out the door at a moments notice. No scrambling around looking for extra pants, undies, the potty and treats to stuff into a bag. How many times have you rushed out the door and only when you need something and you forgot it. It’s right at home, on the counter, or wherever it is you can picture in your mind so accurately. Well, no more problems when you are always ready to go!

Check out this rolling thomas the train travel backpack that this mom turned into a potty pack. The perfect transportation for her 2 year olds potty training needs.

Picking The Bag

I think picking the bag is important. I wasn’t there when Gregory picked out his bag. He was with his Grandma and she told me all about it. It has Thomas the Train on it… Choo Choo! I think it is the perfect bag, and not because my son really enjoys the design.

This particular bag is one of those travel rolling bags with a handle bar and wheels on the bottom. This makes it easy (and able) to be dragged behind you easily when travelling in an airport… or if you’re a little kid who can’t always have something on their back. Seriously, get a rolling backpack.

It’s totally worth it, and it’s also fun. I find that Gregory loves pushing and pulling things. Strollers, grocery carts, my hand, my clothes, and now his potty pack. Much like those wonderful chair pushing Olympics phase children go through when learning to walk, they go through  phase of wanting to help and try to push/pull everything. Save yourself some trouble at the grocery store by letting your Little pull along their own pack while you push the cart free of them getting under your feet. It’s cute, but an inconvenience in a busy store.

Potty seat, training pants, wipes and undies. The potty training basics when travelling. Check out what else this mom brings along, and how she tots around the potty training essentials here.

Filling the Pack

When starting to fill the potty pack, remember that one major main point in this whole potty pack idea is that you let your Little partake in the whole process of picking out, filling up, and refilling it. Let them pick the pack. Let them come shopping and put the items needed for the pack in the cart. Let them help place the items inside the pack and put the ready-to-go pack by the door for your next excursion.

The Basics

There is going to be a large variety of items you can put in your potty pack. These are my basics that I would suggest anyone starting out to fill theirs with if you’re a little stumped. Although, I doubt you’ll need much inspiration.

  1. Potty Training Seat. The potty training seat is most likely the most important feature. Gregory picked out his seat from Wal-mart and our Dora themed one folds up nice and small to fit in the pack. There are many types of portable potty seats, I really like this one pictured above. It’s 1/4 of the size when folded, and has fit on every toilet seat we’ve come across.
  2. Underwear. Undie Undie Undies. That’s what we yell when we need a new pair of undies after Gregory has a little accident. Always have spare, and a spare for the spare. Maybe another spare for that spare. Always have spares. It’s a good idea to also throw in a plastic garbage bag with these. So you can put the soiled underwear in it and in the potty pack to transport back home without getting everything else all nasty.
  3. Training Pants. While you might not use training pants, we use them and have them for back up. Gregory does not yet hold his bladder during his naps and overnight sleep as a result of summer and me not limiting his liquid intake to prevent dry mouth and dehydration. Having training pants as back up is only security. We don’t use them, and they sit at the bottom of the pack hard to access. Still, better safe than sorry.
  4. Baby Wipes. What mom doesn’t love baby wipes? Good for wiping pee, poo (yeah, those are just as nasty during potty training), dirt off hands, faces and whatever else… these are always a good addition to my basics list. I don’t generally bring a whole pack like pictured above. I get a plastic sandwich bag and put a handful inside. Saves space, and adds to an item Gregory and I can refill together next time.

Clothes to bring in your potty pack, the perfect transportation device for any parent who has a toddler who is potty training. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Back Up Clothes

It’s important to have some back up clothes in your potty pack. In case of those accidents, you need something to change your Little into and get them dry to continue your outing together. An accident isn’t the end of the world and shouldn’t be treated as such. Prepare for them and move on with life.

  1. Bottoms. Whether it’s shorts, pants, a skirt or maybe a dress, have a backup pair of bottoms for your little. You’ve already got the underwear, don’t forget the pants!
  2. Shirt. In case it gets wet. It’ll happen. At least once in your potty training trials. Don’t get caught off guard and have your little walking around in a wet shirt… only to walk around in a pee-smelling shirt when it dries. If you don’t like the smell, why would you make them endure it?
  3. Socks. I like bringing an extra pair in case his get wet. Again, these accidents can get really messy and wet, really fast. Plus, sometimes in the public washroom it’s gross, and we’ve had to take off the shoes to remove undies to sit on the toilet… a backup pair of socks is nice.
  4. Baby Powder. Perfect for not only masking any smell of pee and reminding you of when your baby was still a baby. But this will help dry off your child when they are wet. Taking off wet clothes and trying to drag a clean pair up a wet body is no easy task. Help yourself out here, be a pal.
  5. Receiving Blanket. Much like the previous point, this is great to dry off any accidents. Also, for many other uses, including a small blanket, a towel, a wipe, a sun shade, a hat, a shirt, a makeshift skirt/ pair of bottoms if your back up pair got dirty. Oh, and perfect for lining the car seat when there was an accident in there and you are no where close to being home to wash it. Yes, I have several blankets in my house still. No babies though.

The potty pack is an excellent way to transport all your potty training needs, including your extras like books to read, toys to play with while on the potty. And your potty training treats, whatever they may be.


The Last category of items I have in my potty pack is for entertainment. Sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing, or relaxation, to get business done on the potty. Public washrooms can be scary and intimidating. So I always try to come prepared with something Gregory can calm down with. Plus, we need a place to store out potty treats, can’t forget the potty treats.

  1. Books. Books are great to read while on the potty waiting for poop come come out. Or while you are in a line up/waiting room and need a distraction for your Little. I bring compact board books, we rotate Dr. Seuss currently.
  2. Finger Puppets/ animals. The frog is a finger puppet from Ikea, the little pups are happy meal toys from McDonalds. They are so small and yet very entertaining. I enjoy bringing along and finally having use for the small toys we get in those fast food kids meals. Or any small toy I want to stop stepping on. If the toys get left behind or lost, I don’t generally worry too much. I keep these toys cheap and easily replaceable. This is a major key point when bringing toys along. Don’t bring favourite toys that will result in an ‘End of the World’ meltdown if lost.
  3. Potty Treats. Whether you use candy, Hotwheels, simple toys from the dollar store or jelly straws like me, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of incentive when potty training. At least when starting out. We no longer use an sort of rewards for potty training at home, but we still use the odd reward when we are in public. A special thanks for listening to your body and letting me know you have to go. AND being able to hold it until we find a bathroom. Yeah, my son deserves a reward of some sort of potty treat.
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The potty pack, perfect for anyone who is potty training. Check out the details here
Before You Go

I really hope you enjoyed ‘my’ idea of the Potty Pack for potty training. It’s been major success in our RAD house and I really wanted to share the idea in hopes of helping someone else feel like they got a hold of something during the potty training trials. Seriously, be on top of and have control of something, it makes the whole process less daunting to look at.

Let me know what other items you’ve added in your potty pack that I may not have. I love getting ideas and inspiration from others. If you’re looking for an idea to help teach your toddler patience… and maybe yourself again, during these potty training trials, check out my tips on how to teach your toddler patience. Because we all need patience when accidents happen. Remember, it was only an accident.

Uh-Oh it’s an accident.

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