The Pregnancy Waddle

Lifestyle / Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Whether its from the baby dropping in preparation for birth, your feet and legs being swollen from being on them all day or simply because your center of gravity is so different you feel like the watermelon in front of you is going to cause someone to yell ‘timber’ as you topple over, everyone gets the pregnancy waddle.

When I was working during the Christmas holidays I had the waddle. My feet were swollen, and walking on
cement all day everyday was hard on my body. People thought I was cute, baby bump and waddle and everything. Then I had an intermission of sorts for a few weeks where my waddle disappeared. Less than 3 weeks from delivery, my waddle is back with a vengeance. Because now, not only do I waddle, but I waddle slow.

We were walking around Walmart shopping and Adrien was getting frustrated that I was taking so long to walk down a small aisle. So what do I do? Pass off the cart and tell him to walk ahead and I’ll catch up. I never did catch up, he would finish grabbing what we needed and meet me half way.

Living in a Condo we have about 100 meters or so from the elevators/stairs to our door. A blessing as we don’t have to hear people coming and going. But for a waddler, and a waddler that has to pee, its my worst enemy. Not only do I waddle slow, I waddle myself out of breath.

Sometimes it pays off to waddle, as people realize how pregnant you are and give you time and space and don’t get frustrated as easily if they are in a rush. Sometimes its an annoying new characteristic that you can’t seem to shake. And sometimes you think you can outwit the waddle and power walk/speed walk quick enough that you can’t notice the waddle as much. Only that leaves you even more out of breath and ready for a nap.

The pregnancy waddle. Everybody is going to experience it, I hope yours is a good one. Mine is just annoying. But it doesn’t last forever. So MILK IT FOR ALL ITS WORTH! Make your husband walk slowly and wait for you. Make sure you park in the expectant and new mothers parking space so you can waddle a shorter distance to the store. Purposely be that slow person in the mall that usually frustrates you for walking to slowly, just because you can. This is your time. Rock the waddle.