This Rad Week

Lifestyle / Thursday, December 5th, 2013

This week at our Rad house has been a busy and eventful one. Lets get to it.

So as for the whole ‘no pregnancy log update’ thing for week 26, this is what happened.

When we set up the Christmas tree, I had to move the chair and mirror because that is now where the tree is. So I set up the mirror in what I thought was a safe place. And it was, for about a day. Then some freak accident happened, no one even touched the mirror or was near it, it slid right off the chair and broke. It’s never even wiggled before in the old place we had it, and it only took a day for it to break at the new location. It’s unfortunate, and I’m hoping that because we didn’t touch it or make it break, neither Adrien or I will have 7 years bad luck. I’m currently trying to find a new way to get the pregnancy log pictures taken so we can have week 27 up on Friday.

As of the last week of November, I am working part time. Until January 10th at least, that is when my contract ends. I need to be moving around more than I am during the day, who doesn’t want some extra cash during the holidays, and I do get bored sometimes during the day being a stay at home wife. Just a few hours a week to keep me going and pass the time. The first week was torture on my poor feet. Thankfully the MR is so perfect, he would massage me and let me fall asleep half on top of him because we were cuddling while watching TV and I happened to pass out. It’s only 3 days a week, and everyone I work with is very nice and we have a blast every day.

Adrien and I went out for a lunch date on Sunday. We were driving around and found a sushi restaurant that was open on Sunday. I was so excited. We never can find one open on this day, and when we spotted it, we pulled in right away. I had a cucumber roll, yam roll and some vegetable tempura. Adrien shared this and also ordered a spider plate. Which I didn’t eat because of the seafood and spicey sauce, but it looked amazing.

We also went up to have dinner with my parents at their house this week, my mom is in the middle of decorating her house, and it looks Ah-mazing. I’ll take pictures next time I’m over. It isn’t finished, but you can get a glimpse into why I have a dire need to decorate my house and start our Christmas decoration stockpile.

Certainly not the last thing that happened this week, but one worth mentioning, my MOH came over for dinner last night and she brought over an awesome gift that I certainly wasn’t expecting. A baby swing for Bean! seriously, this girl is the best and I don’t know what I would do without her. We can go weeks without talking, and the next time we meet up, we don’t skip a beat. She’s so great and I can only hope that everyone has an opportunity to have a friendship like that. It isn’t one that I would ever want to live without. I cherish her and our time we spend together.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the display window at Purdy’s. Mmmm hedgehog chocolates are always my favourite Christmas treat.