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Lifestyle / Friday, January 6th, 2017

Pizza Night

Any other families out there who love to have a Pizza night?  Today I wanted to share with you one way we made Pizza night into a party at our RAD house. This is a great activity for toddlers.

DIY paper pizza project for toddlers

Frozen Pizza

I don’t have the budget to order in on Pizza night. To make it a real pizza party, we make our own. I’ve had the pleasure of having someone in house that can make delicious homemade dough. However sometimes we aren’t on top of these things and don’t have time to let the dough rise, so we gasp go with frozen pizza.

Hold up, that doesn’t make it a pizza party. There is no ‘making’ of the pizza. Pfffsh. I cut up peppers, mushrooms, cheese, pineapple, cold cuts and anything else I have on hand and throw it on top of that frozen pizza. Now that is what I call a real deluxe pizza.

The Preparation

The key point to any toddler activity is having it prepared before hand. This craft is simple enough to prepare while your toddler is having a nap. If you aren’t a stay at home parent, don’t fret. You can quickly snip-snip these shapes out while you’re watching TV after the kid(s) have gone to bed. Multitasking at it’s finest. (Let me know what you’re binge-watching on Netflix in the comments. I need a new show)


DIY paper pizza crafting supplies

Materials Needed


Assorted paper (Brown, yellow, green, white, red, orange, etc)

red crayon/felt

glue sticks

How to Prepare

To start, I grabbed a cup and brown paper. I traced the lip of the cup to make the pizza dough. It’s a personal size pizza we’re making. This is genius if you have several children you are doing this craft with.

Next take your yellow paper and cut out little chunks of pineapple. The green for green peppers. White mushroom shapes are next. Red circles for pepperoni. The orange you cut up in little slivers for the cheese… and yes, it’s tedious to paste each cheese sliver on the pizza. Deal with it. 

Next, I set all the pieces of the craft onto paper plates to better keep it on the table instead of the floor. Along with the glue sticks and a red crayon, I was all set for my little guy to wake up and start our pizza party night by him making some pizzas and me watching him.

It's Pizza Party night, and 2 year old Gregory gets started making his own paper pizza

It’s Pizza Making Time

Gregory was very excited to see that he was going to make a pizza. I do let him help me in the kitchen when I make dinner, but his motive for helping is really trying to sneak some ingredients and eat them all up. He couldn’t eat all this cheese like he usually eats all the pizza cheese before it hits the pan.

We started off by taking a brown circle, that was our dough, and colouring red all over to create the pizza sauce. This step was great for pizza #1, but by pizza #2 he was all for the glue stick and didn’t want to colour. Glue is way more fun than crayons.

Using the glue stick took a few minutes for my 2 year old to realize how it worked. When it came to the cheese he passed me the stick and I passed him the sticky cheese to press onto the pizza.

It was a blast watching Gregory make pizzas. Of course, being a toddler, he knows what he wants and I can’t influence him when he has his mind made up. I thought it was so funny he would make a whole pizza with just pepperoni- All stacked on top of one another. I tried to offer a mushroom or pineapple, but that clearly wasn’t what the pizza needed. Silly Mom.

In the end Gregory made 3 small pizzas, I made 1 small pizza and we worked together on one jumbo sized pizza. I used a plate to trace on the brown paper so we could work together on a larger space.

Watch your toddler create their own delicious pizza with this pizza night craft. It's pizza party night, make a paper pizzaLet your toddler create their own paper pizza and learn how to use a glue stick with this pizza night craftIt's Pizza Party night, and 2 year old Gregory gets started making his own paper pizzaIt's Pizza Party night, and 2 year old Gregory gets started making his own paper pizzaIt's Pizza Party night, and 2 year old Gregory gets started making his own paper pizza

Before You Go

This was very easy activity to prepare, and one that Gregory really enjoyed partaking in. We held onto our pizzas and use them when we play ‘kitchen and restaurant’. We even pulled them out when Calliou had a pizza episode and Gregory sat there picking all the toppings off of one of his pizza’s.

Let me know what ingredients you cut out for your paper pizza craft. I’m willing to try lots of things… except perhaps anchovies. I hope you have fun with this toddler activity, check back soon for an easy Pizza Lunch recipe. No frozen pizza required.

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