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Lifestyle / Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Chasing the Sun

There’s a song, called Chasing the Sun, it was my JAM a few years back. Lemme tell you something, it’s making a major comeback in my life. Because I am literally chasing the sun lately. You know what is better than going on a hike? Going on a SUNRISE hike. Sure, you start off cold, in the dark and a little bit nervous for easily hidden wildlife, but the pay off is amazing. Let me take you on my adventure up Dog Mountain to watch a sunrise.

Check out this Sunrise hike up Dog Mountain in North Vancouver. Not only was is a beautiful sunrise, but there was a rainbow to boot!

Chasing Sunrise Inspiration

I did this hike July 7th, I know… I post about my trips long after I go on them. That’s purely because I don’t pause to write about them in between adventures. I keep going on to the next!

Anyways, on July 1st, Canada Day, there was a special hike that took place up Mt Seymour that I did not know about until a few days later. That hike was a Canada Day sunrise hike that over 800 people participated in. Needless to say, it was promoted on Facebook with beautiful photos and a wonderful video afterwards and MANY people in Vancouver and area learned about the group Chasing Sunrise.

I will get into more detail about Chasing Sunrise in a later post, trust me. I’ve already been on a hike with them and it was EPIC. The point of bringing them up is that I learned about them just a day or two too late to hike with them. But I did not let that stop me from getting to enjoy a sunrise. I was inspired, my mind was made up. I organized my first sunrise hike… and solo hike. I organized my first solo sunrise hike up a mountain I’ve never been.

I’m a little crazy… crazy about feeling that rush of adrenaline I get from hiking and making it to the top!

Panorama view of Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain is located on Mt Seymour. My original plan was to hike up to first pump with a partner, but they backed out literally half an hour before we left. I sat for a few hours, wide awake from my nap, ready for a hike. I didn’t feel comfortable hiking a long distance alone for the first time, so I regrouped and discovered that Dog Mountain is the same trail head, and a shorter hike.



You’ll want to drive to North Vancouver up Mt Seymour. Right to the top. Unless you’re going for a sunrise, like I did, you need to park in the lower parking lot as the gates to the resort area don’t open until sunrise. Can’t wait for that now, can we? It adds maybe 5-10 minutes to the start of your hike, but consider it a warm up as you head to the trail head and take a quick stretch at the map.

Dog Mountain map on Mt Seymour, North Vancouver. Check out this easy hike, and make it spectacular with a sunrise.

The Trail

Hiking the trail in the dark was quite interesting for me. I knew I should have had a headlamp, but I wasn’t that prepared. I did have a flashlight though. It worked just fine for this trip. Don’t worry, I got a headlamp the next day for future sunrise hikes. Using the light to guide me along the trail, it was dark and I stepped quickly and lifted my feet high to prevent myself from tripping over the roots.

Of course, on the way back I was able to take photos in the light. With my adrenaline and pure excitement from a beautiful sunrise, I couldn’t tell you if this hike is an easy or intermediate hike. I worked up a sweat, it only took me about 45 minutes to get to the view point, so it mustn’t have been that difficult. But the terrain isn’t as smooth as it seems in the first few feet of the trail.

First Lake on Dog Mountain trail, a perfect hike on Mt Seymour in North Vancouver

Black Lake

About half way into the hike you come across First Lake. It’s a black lake, or, the water looked black in the lighting I was hiking in. I gather this is from the minerals it gets from the snow and mountain. I don’t believe you can swim in this one, but it sure was cool to look at. I did see something moving in the water, and if you check out my Instagram video you’ll see you can easily get all the way around for great photos.

Always take photos and selfies. Preserve the moment, just a fraction of it. All your memories come rushing back when you return to look at it.

Manditory Selfie at the top of your hike

The Peak

The view point/peak of Dog Mountain looks toward Vancouver. Don’t be like me, and not realize this. I got to the top and stayed on the rock, viewing the mountains and tree tops close to the end of the trail where you emerge. Don’t get me wrong, this is where the sun rises from, I got a beautiful show. After being blinded by the sun peaking over the tree tops, I explored the peak more and found the money shot.

It was beautiful and clear when I hiked up. I could see everything, and it took my breath away. You know when you have a moment, and you just tear up from being so friggin happy? I had a moment like that on birthday visit to the Snow Walls, and it happened again here. A must hike if you can manage. Sunrise, Sunset or high noon, if the day is clear, you’re going to get an amazing view of VanCity.

A rainbow at sunrise on Dog Mountain, North Vancouver. Check out this easy hike on Mt Seymour here

A Rainbow

While I hiked, the air was crisp and the sky was clear. The sunrise was beautiful and I could see for km’s and km’s. Quickly I could feel the wind pick up and moisture in the air.  A rainbow appeared, it was sudden, and random, and right up to the sky. It was wonderful. While I know now thinking back that the rain that was about to start falling, HARD, when I got to my car to drive home is what cause the rainbow, I like to think it was a special treat someone gave me.

Yes, I believe that there is a spirit, guardian angel, or other entity out there that looks out for us. Someone gifted me with it, and guided me back just in time before I got soaked to the bone. The rain was a storm, and I got the last sunrise before days of rain. It was absolutely stunning and worth it.

RAD Photo Dump

And now, for the best part of any travel post, the photos. I took so many, but they turned out blurry as a result of being taken in the dark, and on my phone. Say it with me, DSLR. It will happen. I just know it. In the mean time, enjoy these nice photos that I quite enjoyed from my trip.

The trail hiking Dog Mountain in North Vancouver, check out this sunrise hike that had a surprise at the endA rainbow at sunrise on Dog Mountain, North Vancouver. Check out this easy hike on Mt Seymour hereCheck out the hollow trees on your hike up Dog Mountain in North Vancouver, also check out this epic sunrise hike that had a surprise at the endKatrina Hiking Dog Mountain at dawn to catch the sun. Check out the surprise she got at the peak The trail hiking Dog Mountain in North Vancouver, check out this sunrise hike that had a surprise at the endKatrina on top of Dog Mountain at sunrise overlooking a rainbow shooting out from VancouverMagnificent colours of a sunrise hike. Check out Dog Mountain in North Vancouver here

#ChasingSunrise is my new adventure I MUST go on. I can do it too! #hiking Click To TweetThe scenery hiking up Dog Mountain in North Vancouver is worth taking your time to stop and mountain views at sunrise, check out this epic sunrise hike that gave this solo hiker a surprise at the endThe terrain hiking up Dog Mountain isn't easy, but not extremely hard. This solo hiker managed it for the first time in the dark, check out the adventure hereFirst Lake, the half way point on your hike to Dog Mountain. Check out this epic sunrise hike that had a surprise waiting for this solo hiker at the end.Before You Go

I hope you enjoyed coming along my first ever solo & first ever sunrise hiking adventure. Thinking back, I was a little reckless in the whole planning of it. But everything went smoothly and I am definitely hooked on chasing the sun. I hope I’ve inspired you, and in future chasing the sun blog posts I hope to include more photos of the changing sky as the sun rises. That is something to see.

Looking for another easy hike in Vancouver area? Check out Cypress Falls, and the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is fairly easy with nice reward too. Nothing beats sitting up top a mountain watching the sun rise though. I need that in my life all the time. I highly recommend chasing the sun, just do it.

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