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Lifestyle / Friday, September 30th, 2016

Waterfall Adventure

Waterfall adventures are always a lot of fun for Gregory and I. This summer we were planning a few long road trips and needed to build up Gregory’s car ride endurance. So I planned a few longer road trips to short hikes. Today I wanted to take you along on our hike to Bridal Veil Falls.

Travel to Chilliwack and hike down the short pathway to Bridal Veil Falls and fell the mist on your face


Bridal Veil Falls is located just outside Rosedale, a small farming community in Chilliwack, BC. It’s very easily accessible off HWY 1. Turning onto Bridal Veil Falls road, you turn right down Page road and follow along until the parking lot. We got there around 10AM I believe, and the parking lot was filling up quickly. There was even a bus parked.

Around the parking lot there is bathrooms and many picnic tables to stop and eat lunch at. There is also a few areas that are clear and covered in grass, perfect for families who want to spend the day here, not just hike to the falls.

The Hike

The hike to Bridal Veil Falls from the parking lot is very easy. The terrain does get bumpy, but my toddler managed with ease. I saw several older people walking the path as well, whether they hiked up the hill to get close to the falls, I don’t know.

There are two trails to hike to the falls. Quickly as you leave the parking lot you are greeted with a bridge, or a dirt path. We took the dirt path on the way to the falls, and the other on the way back. There are several sets of stairs on the bridge pathway. I always prefer going down stairs than up, if you’re like me, take the route we traveled.

The Falls Viewing Area

At the end of the fairly short hike you come up viewing the falls. There is a cement platform that has a railing surrounding it, this is the viewing area. Designated by BC Parks. Some people like staying here, on a rainy day, I highly suggest staying here. If you have little balance, stay here. If you have troubles climbing, stay here. Otherwise, read on and get an idea of how to get close up to this beautiful waterfall.

A close up of Bridal Veil Falls in British Columbia

Closer Views

Getting closer to the falls is very easy, simply walk around the small cement pad. The climb starts quickly and gets steeper as you get closer to the falls. The terrain is loose, I managed to stay to the left hand side and climb up mostly through the tree line. It was much easier to tackle than right up the middle like some people were attempting. I carried Gregory some of the way, having to perch him and follow up using both my hands at some points. It’s an intermediate climb, most people should be able to tackle it in proper footwear and ideal weather. Once the rains come, it’ll be slippery.

Photo Ops

The waterfall is absolutely breathtaking. It’s a flat rock with water spraying down the front. It’s called Bridal Veil falls because the water looks like a brides veil. I totally see it, I just stood and stared at it for so long. But don’t just stand and stare, take photos! Remember how beautiful this waterfall was and look back to enjoy it again and again.

Gregory and I managed to take quite a few photos, and there were plenty of others around also snapping photos. Some photos of mine have strangers in them, others I managed without. I wouldn’t expect to get a clear shot unless it’s early in the morning or night when the crowds die down. But that’s when you’ll get those truly adventurous people who take naked selfies at the falls. Yes, you can find them on Instagram. I’ll stick to going in the middle of the day.

Photo Dump

For the best part of every travel post, the photos. It was lots of fun taking photos here. Getting so close to the falls that the water mist gets all over you and your phone… I hope I didn’t water damage my phone. Check some of my favourite photos of our trip here.

Come on this adventure to Bridal Veil Falls and discover the beauty hidden just off HWY 1 Beautiful Bridal Veil Falls, check out this family hiking adventure here Gregory checking out the logs in Chilliwack Gregory hiking to Bridal Veil Falls and he hears a plane Gregory smiling at Bridal Veil Falls Gregory checking out the water along the hike to the falls Gregory checking out the stump in Chilliwack Gregory playing hide and seek in the trees at Bridal Veil Falls Gregory using his hiking skills and walking stick Gregory loves playing hide and seek in the forest Bridges along the hike to Bridal Veil Falls are great for kids and families Signs along the hike to Bridal Veil Falls Mom and Gregory enjoying Bridal Veil Falls Katrina taking a selfie at Bridal Veil Falls Katrina loves to take selfies on the hike to Bridal Veil Falls. The forest is so beautiful here Gregory and his mom are on a bridge to Bridal Veil Falls Signage telling you which way to Bridal Veil Falls

Before You Go

This was a great short hike, perfect for families. Highly recommend if you’re going on a drive drive HWY 1 and need a quick pit stop. I think I would plan another area to explore nearby, maybe check out the waterslides nearby during the summer. Thanks for coming on our short adventure to Bridal Veil Falls. Definitely check it out if you’re in the area.

Looking for another hiking trip to a waterfall? Check out Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, there are some falls there. Also check out Cypress Falls. That’s a fairly easy family hike that can take about 2 hours at a leisure pace. And you get two really good viewing areas to stop at.

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