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Lifestyle / Friday, November 25th, 2016

A Waterfall Adventure

I believe I’ve finally written about all the waterfalls Gregory and I have visited along the Sea to Sky Highway this year. I wanted to compile them all into one reference post so that the next time we drive North of Vancouver, we can have an epic waterfall hunting adventure.

Today I am sharing this post, and why I think everyone should take their family outside in nature and how to make it a REAL adventure.

Hunt down these waterfalls along the Sea to Sky Highway while you drive from Vancouver to Pemberton. It's an excellent family activity

Sea to Sky Highway

The Sea to Sky Highway stretches from Washington, USA to British Columbia here in Canada. No, it doesn’t stop at Whistler, or even Pemberton. Highway 99 continues on past Lillooet and connects to Highway 97 just north of Cache Creek. That’s 409 kilometers of road from Washington State through Beautiful BC.

Gregory and I have not traveled the whole thing. We’ve only gone from Vancouver to Pemberton, over several trips.

Beautiful Scenery

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… The drive up the Sea to Sky Highway is beautiful. It’s quite literally named, you drive from the sea and up through the mountains towards the sky.

No matter what time of year you make this drive you’re going to experience an amazing scenic trip. Although winter will be beautiful in the snow, I have yet to brave that drive.

Waterfalls as Pit Stops

A few months back I shared some of my road trip tips that’ll make tripping with your Toddler more enjoyable. One tip I share is that it’s important to pull over and make a pit stop to stretch everyone’s legs and get some energy out. Everyone.

Waterfalls make perfect pit stops for families. They offer a blast of fresh air, cool water and really puts into perspective how powerful nature is.

Here are all the waterfalls Gregory and I stopped off at along or slightly detoured off of the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Pemberton.

List of Visited Waterfalls

  1. Lynn Canyon
  2. Cypress Falls
  3. Shannon Falls
  4. Brandywine Falls
  5. Nairn Falls

waterfall in lynn canyon park. Check out this awesome Suspension bridge adventure to North VancouverMommy and Gregory love going on Hikes. They found Cypress Falls in West Vancouver, an easy 1.5 hour round trip hike perfect for families.


Shannon Falls, Squamish British Columbia. Read all about how this one mom hiked up the Chief and showed everyone her BEAST mode.
Shannon Falls

Check out this family friendly hike to Brandywine Falls. a perfect addition to a waterfall adventure up the Sea to Sky HighwayNairn Falls is a great family hike. Check out this stop along a waterfall adventure up the Sea to Sky Highway

Missing Waterfalls

There are a few new waterfalls that I have recently researched and am looking forward to add to this Waterfall hunting adventure list.

  1. Alexander Falls
  2. Rainbow Falls
  3. Wedgemount Falls
  4. Joffre Lakes Falls

A Family Activity

I already said this, but I really want to drive the point home here in hopes to inspire you to toss your kids in the car and go hunt these babies down yourself.

Getting outside and being in nature has amazing health benefits that you can read about here. Getting outside and experiencing it with your kids not only helps your children to grow up with healthy lifestyle choices, but it helps your relationship with them grow.

Sometimes we forget to stop, slow down, and smell the roses. On any adventure you don’t necessarily have to stop and smell roses, and you don’t even have to go physically slow.

You’re taking a step back from technology, work, housework, side hustles, volunteering, charity work and the rest of the whole world to focus on your family.

It’s hard to remember to set aside an activity that will bond you and create memories that will last years to come. But it’s essential that we get a reminder from somebody… anybody, to do it. This is your reminder.

Go on an adventure, like this waterfall hunt, with your family.

It’s All Part of the Adventure

Adventures are one of my favourite things to plan. Because no matter how much you plan and prepare, things aren’t going to happen how you wanted them to.

I can’t tell you how many times I thought things were going wrong and the day was being ruined. I stopped to look at Gregory, or listen to a friend and we’d all agree to take a moment and breathe.

Do you know what makes an adventure great? The drama, the excitement, the left turns, AND the right turns. That’s why we watch adventure movies, for the drama. It builds character.

How to Have a REAL Adventure

Next time you’re off on an adventure and you can’t find the parking lot, trailhead, you forgot something, someone pooped/peed their pants, it’s extremely hot, too many people on the path and someone just needs to have a nap (not naming who). I advise you to stop.

Take a breath.

Look at your family, friends and adventure companions and say ‘It’s all part of the adventure’.

Go ahead, get frustrated. Be upset. Cry. Shout out into the forest a really silly word like ‘Supercalifrajulisticexpialadocious’. Or if you don’t want to be silly because you’re dealing with some issues, be a smartie and yell ‘Hippopotomonsterosesquippedaliophobia’.

It is a real word. Try it out.

Experience the emotion and embrace the moment. It’s literally part of the adventure, it’s part of the story. Own it.

In a few years you’re going to look back on that adventure and say “that’s was an awesome adventure. We should do it again.”

Before You Go

I know this isn’t a post with a lot of new content. I never really care to read blog posts that merely link back to old posts.

But this is an excellent family activity that I wanted to share with others. For those who can make the drive up the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver, I’ve pre-planned the adventure. Now you just need to go on it. Your welcome.

Also, I want to be able to look back and see which waterfalls Gregory and I still need to hunt down.

Let me know if you’ve been to any of these falls, and if there are any waterfalls along the 99 that I haven’t listed but need to add. #SharingIsCaring and I want to see what Mother Earth is capable of.

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