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Lifestyle / Friday, June 17th, 2016

Bring your little to the Kerrisdale play palace in Vancouver BC. a perfect way to spend the day playing.

Kerrisdale Play Palace

Kerrisdale Play Palace is located in Vancouver, BC. It’s a kids inflatable dream, and is accessible while the hockey season is on break. Is that the right word? I’m Canadian and I don’t know Hockey. How embarrassing.

With two inflatable bouncy castles, an inflatable obstacle course, 22 Foot inflatable slide, Ride on Cars (scooters) Basketballs, Toddler Padded playing area, floor games, ping pong, Foosball and more... there is going to be something your Little will like. Whether they are a little Little, or Big kid Little. Up to 12 years of age at least.

I took Gregory here in hopes to pass a morning that rained out our pre-planned activity. I love making a schedule for us to follow each week with a game plan of what I want to do. But if we get rained out, I always have backup activities for us to do. If you’re in the need for a rainy day, or back up activity, check out the Kerrisdale Play Palace. Your kid(s) are going to lurve it!

Are you in need of a cheap and fun activity for your Little to do in Vancouver, BC? Check out the Kerrisdale play palace

Information You Need To Know

Kerrisdale Play Palace is open from 9:30 to 4:30, and separates the day into sections where younger children can play safely without a big 12 year old knocking them down by accident during the excitement of playing. There is even a little time slot of babies under 2 years old on Mondays. It’s early, which might actually be good on those crazy early morning wake up calls. Here’s the break down.

need a place to take your little in Vancouver for a few hours... or a whole day? Here is the age oriented schedule at the Kerrisdale Play Palace. a great place to take your Little for a day of fun.

Open from April to August, phone to see specific dates each year. Ideal for children 12 and under, parents are not allowed to climb on inflatables. As a result, children should be able to walk on their own. As you can see, there are hours that are set just for toddlers, and hours that include older children. Plan accordingly so you aren’t afraid of your Little being knocked over by accident by a big kid. Chances are, your Little can take the Little that took them down if they are playing in a time slot suited for the age group best for them.

Not that I’m suggesting baby fight club, I’m just saying. They’ll all be similar size. Small, walking, capable of playing well aside others.

Let your little climb the inflatable toys at the Kerrisdale play palace in Vancouver, BC


There are arena workers standing by inside the rink at all times. There were two while we were there, they stood talking to each other while keeping watch of all the activity. Which seemed fine by me. They weren’t babysitting our children. Parents may not be able to join in on the play, but they must be there and supervise their children at all times.

Ugh, I cannot tell you how much I wanted to advise some mothers to become a Hands Off Mama. I’d say 95% of the parents there, moms and dads, were looking at a phone. Now, I get it. You kid is entertained, why not be entertained yourself. I saw the kids who were playing, looking back at their parents, yelling “Watch!” or “Look at this” and it was gone unnoticed or ignored completely.

Supervision is required, interaction is extra. Please be a parent who interacts. Of the few of us who followed our children around, commenting on their activities and taking photos of them asking them to “SMILE!” and “Look over here for a second so I can get another picture” while they are racing from one activity to the next as you snap a blurry photo… those children seemed to be enjoying themselves a bit more. Having attention just on them in such a big room that was full of so many people, it’s reassuring for such a little person.

There is lots of things for your Little to enjoy at the Kerrisdale play palace in Vancouver, BC


Before you enter the ice rink there is a little shoe cubby where your children can put their shoes. This is a socks only zone. So, parents, please remove your shoes too. It helps keep the entire area clean for the kids. Especially on the rainy days. Even if you don’t go on the play mats, take them off. Think of everyone who uses the play palace, not just yourself. Bring a pair of slippers if you don’t want to wear only your socks. I wish I did that now actually.

Make sure your Little wears socks. I read a review that said her kids white socks turned black within minutes, so I put Gregory in dark socks for the day. I highly suggest doing this, as I didn’t have any problem with sock staining, or feeling like other moms were judging me for my childs dirty socks. Even though their kids’ socks are probably just as dirty. Also, it’s a good idea to have your Little wear socks that have grips on the bottom. They are in an ice rink, and it is slippery where there isn’t any padding. Plus it gives them extra traction while climbing the inflatable stairs to the slides.

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On the note of clothes, it’s suggested that you have your Little wear long sleeves and pants to prevent friction burn. I did this and it make Gregory get visibly sweaty. His hair was slicked to his head. But it was worth the no skin burn results I think. You can always take a breather and have your child take a drink of water outside the play rink. That’s what I did.. when I could tear him away from play.

Check out the inflatable obstacle course for your Little to navigate at the Kerrisdale play palace in Vancouver BC

Food Rules

Seeing as you can pay once when they open and stay for basically as long as you’d like, I’ve no doubt someone is going to get hungry. While there is no food or drinks allowed in the rink where the palace is set up, there are tables and chairs in the entrance, inside the building, that are available to use whenever you need. So pack a lunch, or stop somewhere and pick up something on the way to treat the kids. There is a McDonalds really close by so if you forget to grab something until you’re right there, you can swing inside and grab a happy meal and treat for yourself.

You Little will have a blast at the Kerrisdale play palace in Vancouver BC

#ourRADhouse Adventure

When Gregory and I went I wanted to try and capture his excitement for the day. We had originally planned to do a Dinosaur sensory table activity, but it was raining. When I search online I discovered the Kerrisdale Play Palace and knew I had to take him. It would be a dream for me to be able to play there, but parents aren’t allowed to play. Just watch. Dang.

Gregory was having so much fun, and I was having so much fun seeing him have so much fun. It was great and well worth the trip for several hours of activity. Getting outside of the house on a rainy day is often a struggle, but when we can look forward to a play palace of inflatables, I’m putting on shoes and headed out the door with my kid in tow. How could I not let him indulge in some wicked awesome fun? Check it out.



The Backyard club at Kerrisdale play palace in Vancouver BC. Check it out with your little and have day of play.Kids love climbing and playing on inflatable toys. Take you Little to the Kerrisdale Play Palace in Vancuver BC for a day of funScooters are a blast to play with at the Kerrisdale play palace in Vancouver BC. Check out all the other things your Little can do thereWhether you have a little Little, or a bigger Little, there is tons of activities to partake in at the Kerrisdale Play palace in Vancouver BCFloor games are a blast at the Kerrisdale play palace in Vancouver BC. Great for little Littles, or big Littles.

Kerrisdale Play Palace in Vancouver BC is a lot of fun for Littles, and cheap for mom and dads. Check out all the details here and take your Little for a day of fun.

Before You go

What do you think of the Kerrisdale Play Palace? Will you take your Little there to play? It really was enjoyable for the both of us. Gregory and I spent the rest of the day talking about his day at the play palace. He kept asking to go back to the park and play. Another my son, another day.

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