Ultrasound Day

Lifestyle / Friday, October 11th, 2013

After waking every hour, almost on the hour, all night, when it was time to finally get up, I was exhausted and wanted to stay sleeping. But the excitement of finally getting to see my baby on a black/grey/white grainy screen was much more appealing than the back of my eye lids. So I got up. Today was the day. We would get to see our little Bean in action. I was excited for many reasons.
1. Ultrasound means gender determination, which leads to being able to buy things for baby… finally.
2. Adrien, as a new dad, doesn’t really fully grasp the fact that we are pregnant. I was hoping this would be a sort of shock therapy. Or he can at least see Bean use my insides as a jungle gym and when I complain the baby is punching me, he’ll be a tad more sympathetic.
3. Get to see Baby and make sure it’s growing A-OK. Nothing abnormal, just one healthy happy baby.

So maybe not in that particular order. #3 should be #1. I know that. But I’m a new mom, I want to know the gender really badly. Recognize.

So we got ready, super early as we were the first appointment of the day. 8am. Which where we live, means morning rush hour. Which means, it takes like 1.5 hours to get to where you need to be. We also had to be at the clinic 20 minutes early. So we left after I drank my glass and a half of water. I had an ultrasound before 8 weeks because I had really bad cramping. They told me to drink a litre of water then one hour before my appointment. I drank one litre. And I’m not exaggerating, I threw up all the water seconds after I swallowed my last mouthful. I learned that day, no matter how much water they ask you to drink for an ultrasound, as long as you get a bit in you, they’ll see baby just fine. Even when it’s just a tiny tadpole. Now Bean is supposed to be a Bell Pepper, I’d be good with a glass and a half.

Back to the present, we got to the clinic and sat in the uncomfortable chairs. I kept closing my eyes, and Adrien had to keep talking to me to keep me awake. Awkward talking in a silent waiting room about my parents chihuahua’s. I’m sure the receptionist enjoyed our conversation while she was trying to start her work day.

We went into the room and my technician was super nice. ¬†We joked about ‘cold ultrasound goo’ and how on TV it’s shown as cold but in reality, it is usually warm now because we have the technology of a warming machine. She apologized before we started for pushing on my belly, and perhaps making me want to pee my pants, to which I replied ‘I have to pee my pants 5 minutes after I use the bathroom anyways.’ She laughed and said just wait until baby is bigger.


She put the ultrasound wand, to which I’ll refer to as a wand, on my belly and there it was. Right away. No searching, baby is plenty big enough now to take up the whole screen. It was so cool. I started to laugh as we first saw the body. It was so surreal, then I realized the picture wouldn’t show up if I laughed and I struggled to not. She started at the feet and did a quick sweep upwards. It was really fast, I thought I saw the bum, but I really had no idea. Adrien said ‘You can see the Peen!’ and now he finally agrees that Bean might be a boy now. But neither of us really know what to look for, so we do have to wait and see.

I didn’t see it, and unfortunately for us, she didn’t go back to the area. We saw everything. Spine, Heart, Kidneys, Stomach, Hands, Feet, Legs, Body, Brain, Head. It was so cool! Our technician took her time and explained everything we were looking at so wonderfully. Bean gave us a quick thumbs up in between clenching and releasing its fist. And it was super entertaining to not only feel Bean give the wand a kick, but to feel it as well.

Bean was super cooperative throughout the appointment. Always moving exactly as we needed to get a good picture. Turning over after we saw what we needed to see. Kicking my bladder to show all of us how ‘Pro’ it is at it. Stretched out for a second or two and showed us how long it is when not curled up. Even got into a cute little pike position where its feet were almost at its head. Aerobics practice. Also a thing I now appreciate Adrien getting to see. Sometimes its awesome feeling Bean move, but sometimes it hurts. I’m getting really nervous for Bean getting bigger and stronger. I’m just a small person still!

As we were in the last 10 minutes of the appointment I started to get really clammy. It was hard to breath, I heard ringing in my ears and I thought I was growing to throw up. I didn’t want to complain, because I thought I was just being difficult. It wasn’t until my face decided to lose all colour that Adrien and the technician got me on my side, a cold cloth and a bucket under my face just in time for me to throw up my breakfast.

I felt so bad. I apologized and was so embarrassed. The technician assured me that it isn’t unheard of. This is why pregnant women are advised against sleeping on their back. Baby will put pressure on an artery in your belly and it’ll block blood flow. She finished the appointment with me laying on my side and she made sure I had water and took my time getting up. She was really great and made me not feel like the tool I thought I looked like. Who does that? Me. That’s who.

When we were checking in at the clinic we were told if we wanted pictures we’d have to pay. Well not only are we down to the last bit of money in our bank for a few more days, we don’t have any cash… which is all they accepted. What kind of old-school place is this? We live in a world surrounded and infused with technology, and you can’t get a debt/credit machine? Well I don’t know if the technician just felt really bad for us, but she ended up printing off 8 pictures for us before we left. Free pictures! I had already accepted that I wouldn’t get any, but that was really nice of her. Maybe she wanted me to feel better after throwing up, I’ll never know for sure.

So that all happened yesterday, October 10, and it is now 9:30am October 11, and I need to get up, get showered and dressed and head on down to my prenatal. Yesterday we got to see baby, today, I get to find out if Bean is a boy or girl! YAY