We Have Movement

Uncategorized / Friday, September 27th, 2013

So last night I made Adrien watch the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. We went to Dairy Queen first and got some ice cream. We turned off the TV just after 11pm (2hr premiere! woot!) and we laid down for sleep. Me, being pregnant, couldn’t find a comfy way to lay. so I was talking to him and suddenly I felt something. It was so small, I probably shouldn’t have noticed it. Then, again, a little push just to the right of my hip bone… well into the swell of my tummy. I grabbed his hand and told him I could feel it. He was in disbelief. Seriously. the words: “What are you doing, give me my hand, Its nothing, you’re probably just thinking you can- I felt it!” I wasn’t sure if he would. I read that New dads take much longer to feel kicks than first time moms. But he did! and I did! I felt about 5 little kicks all together. He got to feel two. It was so awesome! I laid in bed trying to feel more kicks instead of sleeping. It’s all I want now. 

Milestone: First fetus kicks. Sept. 26 2013 11:00pm-11:15pm
17 weeks today!