Wedding on a Budget

Lifestyle / Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Both the MR and I knew that when we got married, we didn’t want a huge production where good money is spent on a party rather than more important things. Sure, you only get married once (Or that’s the plan at least) and might as well celebrate your day as best you can. But neither of us believe that it is the money that makes a party a party. It’s the people, celebration and activities you surround yourself with.

When our original date was no longer a go and we picked December 15, we were on a time crunch. Literally less than 50 days to plan the wedding. Which, I might add, helped out with the not overspending thing. Having less time, I had to pick and choose and didn’t even get the chance to go all out because there wasn’t enough time to spend the money!

Overall money spent on wedding: $645.00


Wedding Ceremony Venue: Free

Having our ceremony at a public location made it so that we didn’t have to pay any sort of fees. Sure, there was no garuentee for a beautiful day, but rain and the thought of snow didn’t bother either Adrien or myself. If you plan to go a public ceremony route, be sure to look up and ask about fees. We were lucky and our first pick was perfect for us.

Wedding Reception Venue: Free

We originally planned to do a coffee and cake reception, but that quickly went downhill. We called around and made a lunch reservation at a cozy pub/restaurant. It was already decorated for the holidays and everyone was in love with the place. A Major plus about being married close to the holidays? Decorations come free. They weren’t our wedding colours, but it was a beautiful little place nonetheless.

Wedding Dress: approx $140

I ordered my dress online from Ebay. Yeah, a real chance it wasn’t going to turn out, let alone show up on time. But if you don’t mind outsourcing to Asia to save a few dollars, I recommend doing this. There are tons of designs and companies that do some really nice work. I paid for extra shipping which is included in that price listed above. I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t get stuck in the holiday mail rush.

Wedding Cake: $200

This was a last minute unexpected expense. Again, the original plan was going to be me baking my wedding cake. I was very excited for that. Adrien decided he was going to take on the cake. My work schedule then picked up and I got handed extra shifts and shifts got extended and man was I glad I didn’t have to do anything. I missed out on the cake testing and picking of colours, but my man did one heck of a job and ordered, picked up and delivered a beautiful cake to our wedding everyone loved.

Marriage Commissioner/marriage Licence: $275

Give or take a dollar or so. Here where we live there is a set rate commissioners have to make. Then travel fess and taxes are placed on top of that. Our guy was very nice and very funny, well worth the money.

Ties/bouquets: $30

We bought ties for the groomsmens, I made the bouquets for myself and my MOH, and I bought a silk handkerchief for my grandpa as he walked me down the aisle. The ties were a steal, again, ebay. The bouquets were a great DIY project, and the silk hanky I got on sale and then with my staff discount at work. Little details that I noticed (not that anyone else would have) that made the day seem much more cohesive.

Grooms/MOH Wear: Free

Adrien wore his Military suit, so that was free. And we requested our groomsmen wear black slacks and a white shirt. And of course a jacket to stay warm. We provided ties. My MOH is one amazing lady. She brought her own dresses and accessories to the preshow and we decided on what she was to wear together. I wasn’t planning on making her buy her dress, and she made sure I didn’t have to either. I already know her wardrobe and had absolutely no objections whatsoever to her wearing something she already owned. Plus, she’d be comfortable. No one wants a cranky bridesmaid, especially if you only have one bridesmaid. 😉

That’s about it. We did all the communication we needed person to person. No extra ‘save the date’ invites or actual invites. It was a great day that didn’t break the bank. If I had to do it all over again, I’d not change a single thing. Simple, Sweet, and perfect for us.