Welcome to Parenthood

Lifestyle / Friday, March 28th, 2014

Gregory was three days old and we were cuddling after a feed in bed as I was trying to decide if I wanted to sit and be with my husband, or sleep. Because we all know the baby would be up again in an hour or so.

Of course I decided to stay awake and just stare at my beautiful— sorry, Handsome baby boy. The faces and coos he makes during sleep is just too precious to pass up. He ended up sleeping much longer than I had expected. It would have been wise for me to catch a few Z’s myself.

When he woke up he was fussy and wanted to feed. It was just after midnight at this time and both Adrien and I were wide awake talking and watching TV while Gregory had been right beside me. I tried to start feeding him, but Bean wouldn’t stop fussing. I went to the nursery to see if his diaper needed changing which is usually the issue if he is hungry but wont latch on.

His poop wasn’t a lot, but it has dried a little and made the diaper stick to his bum and back a bit. Not the most comfortable I am sure. By now he was wining much more, but I find everything about him too amazing that it doesn’t make me frustrated when he cries. It’s still adorable.

Well, I took off the diaper and started to wipe, and then he let loose a wail I had not heard yet. He started to pee himself. I knew boys did this, pee when their diaper is off. But now I had to change his outfit because it was drenched.

Wrapping a blanket around his tush and holding him close, I went to the closet and looked for a new outfit for him to wear. Well, I just reached my hand out and he pooped again. It was big, and messy, and he didn’t have a diaper on, so it went EVERYWHERE! the blanket was covered, my hand that was half under his bottom was covered, the floor got poop on it, even my belly and feet had poop. Who knew so much poop could come out of such a small little being?

I called for Adrien, who was already on his way when he heard Gregory scream bloody murder at this predicament we were now in. Adrien grabbed a new onesie while I took off the dirty one and cleaned him up. I sat down to feed and Adrien, being the great father and husband that he is, cleaned up the poop from the floor without me even having to ask.

We learned some lessons that night. One, change diapers a tad faster, so Bean doesn’t pee all over and need a complete change of wardrobe. Two, finish changing the baby’s diaper before worrying about anything else. Just in case he decides to let out some more excrement. And three, it was the funniest thing ever, and as long as you can laugh off things like this, it shouldn’t be too hard to handle whatever it is that is going to be thrown at us.

‘Welcome to parenthood’ -Adriens last words before we finally went to bed.