What’s in my Hospital Bag

Lifestyle / Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

All the ladies in my pregnancy discussion group I have on a phone app have been talking hospital bag packing for weeks and weeks. I feel like I am so behind on packing mine. But I really had not much of an idea of what to pack. Some said (almost) everything was provided by the hospital, others said the opposite. During our prenatal class my instructor went over what she deemed necessary. Which is the list of which I will go off of, as she is a practicing nurse in the Labour and Delivery ward in the hospital.

Black Lululemon Gym Bag.
Baby’s Best Chance/ Pads/ Brest Pads/ Nipple Cream/ Chapstick/ Hospital Admission Form/ Circumcision Numbers*/ Granola Bars/ Receiving Blanket
*Yes, we plan on circumcising Bean. It isn’t done in our hospitals anymore, so we have numbers to call once he is born to set up an appointment. Maybe I’ll post about our choice one day.*
3 baby socks/ 2 hand covers/ 3 outfits/ Baby Hat (Not pictured)
Dad’s: Change of clothes/ Pj’s
Mom’s: Bra/ Underwear/ Socks/ Pj’s/ Going home outfit
Camera/ Charger/ Slippers/ Robe/ Fuzzy Baby Blanket
**I also have a small makeup bag that has a hairbrush, an extra chapstick and toiletries.
But that is currently in my bathroom getting used daily.**
I’m lucky enough that my hospital provides quite a few things. Some items I brought might not be used, but I figured ‘why not, better safe than sorry’. For instance, I don’t really need to bring clothes for Bean, only a going home outfit. But if he fits them, I want him to wear my outfits I’ve been washing and staring at for months.
When it comes to Adriens items, he can always run home at any time, so I didn’t spend too much time worrying about his things. Mine, I wanted my going home outfit to be loose and comfy. Same as my Pj’s. I bought a 5 pack of Brief-style underwear from walmart, as I don’t care to ruin my good ones, and my bra, well I brought one shown in the picture, but I mostly wear sports bra’s now, and plan on wearing one to the hospital. So if the underwire bothers me, I still have backup. I have yet to get a nursing bra, simply because I’m not sure what size I will be, and don’t want to spend more money after they fill in with milk. So I’m waiting for a while longer.
Camera and charger, phones as well, only I use my phone and phone charger on a daily basis still. I don’t think I’ll forget these. If I do, Adrien will be sent home to retrieve. Slippers (As no one wants to walk bare foot in a hospital) A robe, in case I don’t want to wear clothes. Plus easier access when it comes to Bean and Boob. And a Fuzzy Baby Blanket, this is mostly for the car ride home. But will be nice to have. If not for Bean, for me. I love how soft it is.
I have yet to find an official going home outfit for Bean, been on the lookout. I’ve been told to get a preemie outfit as he will be smaller than a newborn size. But I was a chunky monkey when I was a babe. I’ll be greatful if he does come out smaller. It’s a little overwhelming to think that he’ll come out and fit newborn clothes. They are small, but not that small. Feel like I’ll tear into two when he comes out. Haha
Anything you had/have in your hospital bag that I don’t? Let me know!